• Clean air up to 99.97% Filtration with
    the highest grade HEPA13.
  • DREW Sterilize the air quality with UV light sterilization.
  • Forget to replace your Air Purifier Filter?
    We have the solution for you.

Air purifier vs air humidifier?
when do i need them?

Air purifier is created to constantly filter and circulate the air in your living space to MAINTAIN the air quality for your better health and to REDUCE the risk of allergy. It’s designed to be operated constantly for long period of time and it requires very minimal maintenance.

Air humidifer is created to clean and humidify your living space with AC, it’s effectively helps to CURE the effect of allergy and colds. However, the usage of air humidifer requires constant maintenance and cleaning to ensure the effectivity of the unit.

in short, Air purifier is to maintain your air quality constantly while Air humidifier is to clean and humidify the air for certain period of time. which one do you need today?

are we breathing the clean
air we deserve?

Everyday we breathe in 20.000 times, inhaling 1.000 liters of air. Most of us in the city spend 80% of our day indoor. 

did you know that fresh air
could make you happier?

With many of us spending the bulk of our time in stuffy offices and home, it can be difficult to ensure that we get some fresh air into our lungs. 


Drew: Why do we create DREW?

We are living in the fastest growing era that requires our ability to adapt with the seasons that we’re living in.

The way we communicate, how we entertain ourselves, the things that we eat, the exercise that we do, the way we live are evolving at the fastest rate through the advancement of technology and innovation.

with so many things shifting in the blink of our eye, there’s one thing that remains the same.


We still need to breathe and more than ever, we need the best air quality that we breathe to handle the speed we are living in.

DREW wants a better life, for everyone

What is DREW?

DREW is the solution for your everyday air quality problems.

DREW air purifiers focus only on the ESSENTIAL function of air purifier.

DREW Purify the air quality with the advance HEPA13 filter.

And sterilize the air with UV light to produce the best air quality for you and your family.

No nonsense and gimmicks to add up to the cost,

because we believe that everyone deserves better air

What makes DREW the better option for you?

DREW Clean air up to 99.997% Filtration with the highest grade HEPA13

DREW Neutralize the bad smell and odor in the room with the combined CarbonFilter

DREW Sterilize the air quality with UV light sterilization - Clean air made better with Sterilization

DREW take care of your filter replacement in the most simple way, just register and enjoy the replacement filter at your door steps at the time you need them

DREW is affordable because DREW believe that everyone deserve better air

Drew: beliefs

We believe that bad air is slowing down our health and metabolism

We believe that indoor air pollution is silently killing our potential to grow

We believe that good air quality should become accessible for every one

We believe that good air quality devices should be beautiful and refreshing for sight

We believe that everyone deserves better air, including moms and babies